“Do NOT do unto others as you would have done unto you, they may have different tastes.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Diversity training is much in demand at the moment, quite rightly so. Much attention has been drawn to cultural and gender diversity and yet understanding the diversity of personality in the workplace may get over-looked. So much miscommunication and misinterpretation can be avoided by promoting and supporting what we already know to be true. We are all different. We think differently, we are motivated differently and we can be upset by different circumstances. So it’s really wise to invest some time in getting to know who you have in your workplace.

It is a myth that we need to be good at everything! What works best is an environment where trust is built through understanding each other. Then we know when, where and how we use our own strengths and also have the courage to ask for help from our colleagues when we need it.

The corporate workshops I run are ideal for any size group, at any level and in any business. I combine on-line resources and live workshops to maximise learning outcomes. I am constantly amazed by the change in team dynamics when complex psychology is delivered in a simple, practical and engaging way.

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