I attended Sue’s Type for Teens workshop and absolutely loved every minute of it. Sue is a delightful person and a brilliant presenter, and her passion for Type shows through in the engaging way she presents her workshop.  Her Personality Puzzle – Type for Teens cards are an excellent resource, especially in the way they generate a stream of valuable discussion as soon as the first card is turned. When incorporated into a career guidance session they offer a fun and fascinating way for people to learn about themselves and to understand why we do things, or make decisions about things, differently from others. It is eternally gratifying to watch people read their whole type description and find that it paints such an accurate picture of themselves, of their unique and fabulous qualities, key skills, and the areas in which they might need support.  I love using this resource with young people and adults alike and have recently started combining the Type for Teens and the Classic set in career guidance group workshops.

Millie Freeman – Careers Adviser

Evaluation responses in answer to “What part of the workshop was most valuable?”

A fantastic course. Thank you so much. It was enlightening hearing about all the different personality types.

I have attended Myers Briggs courses before and found your presentation very easy to understand. Very well done

This workshop has shown me how in some ways the system is simple and yet complex. There are multiple ways to use the Personality Puzzle. Two people with the same type code can be completely different.

Going into the types in more depth to be able to fully understand and feel confident in how to use (the Puzzle) with students.

The role play! (Please note: the role play is with an actress and is performed as part of the workshop – the participants do not have to do role plays.)

Gave me more ideas of how to deal with different students who present with different challenges.

The role play session – great to be able to relate to real life examples.

Excellent refresher for me on  Myers Briggs, putting the information into context of teenagers – it will enhance my practise.

The whole thing. Will definitely incorporate it into my work. Made me think. Really great, thank you.

Getting greater understanding of the inner two function pairs and how they work together. Lots of examples and sample questions. Thank you!

Role playing.

I feel I will be able to use the cards now when working with teens. All was valuable. Sue has removed a lot of the mystery from ‘Type’. Thanks – a great course.

All of it 🙂

I feel confident to use the Puzzle now, thanks.

The whole lot 🙂 Gave me a good knowledge and foundation of the required competencies needed to use the cards successfully. Thank you

Gave me the words around using the Puzzle and ideas on how to recognise the types. I have a much better understanding of the tool.

How to question the students to bring out reluctant students or those who are unsure. The ability to use the resource confidently and more effectively.