Beyond the 4-letter code – Using more lenses!

Lenses that are fit for purpose I have a lovely pair of sunglasses at home. They weren’t expensive, in fact quite cheap. The thing is that when I put these glasses on the world seems like a better place. The darks are darker the lights are lighter and there is a certain glow to everything that I appreciate. I don’t need to put on these glasses, I can live my life perfectly well without them, but when I do I just feel better. In my mind this relates to my u

Type and careers – what’s the research?

Type and careers – what’s the research?
Let’s Get Visual! Using creative solutions to link personality to career choice This paper provides evidence that clearly establishes a link between personality and career choice. In this instance ‘personality’ refers to the preferences described by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katherine Briggs in the assessment tool known as the MBTI. The purpose of their work was to make the theory of psychological types described by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung understa

Taking Type to Teens – the rewards are endless!

Teenagers – exciting, exuberant, exhausting and exasperating! All of these things and, of course many more. For those of us who live and/or work with this age group we know so well the highs and lows; the expectations followed by achievement and the expectations followed by disappointment. It is indeed a tricky age. So how can we help, especially when they may appear disinterested in being helped and dismissive of our abilities as adults to understand?

Let’s Get Visual! – creative solutions to teach type

Using creative solutions to link personality type to career choice Who we are, how we tick and what we prefer to do has been an essential factor in deciding career options for as long as there have been careers to decide upon. Research relating personality type to careers is ongoing and producing fascinating results. However, the question still remains as to how we can best use this information with clients to put across a complex message in a simple way.

If You Can Reach Them You Can Teach Them!

If you can Reach Them You can Teach Them! It amazes me how far and wide the Type message can spread and how valuable it is to so many. The Association for Psycholgical Type's aspirations to ’value difference and realise human potential’ is at its most potent in the classrooms of New Zealand, and around the world, where young minds are developing and our future generation is maturing under the guidance of their teachers. What a responsibility! It takes

The 8 function Attitudes go the Supermarket

The 8 function attitudes fascinate me. As I watch the world around me they appear in so many different ways, those that are extraverted are more obvious and those that are introverted are an intriguing private part of our inner selves. These complex dynamics are difficult for us to grasp. As I have fumbled my way through various ways of describing these cognitive processes, my ESTJ preference alerts me to the fact that maybe it’s a good idea to put this co...