typecoachIf you want your training initiatives to be relevant beyond the classroom it’s best to ensure there is ongoing on-line access to the information.

TypeCoach is a personality based communication tool, available 24/7, from any device at home or at work, where learning can be reviewed, revitalised and remembered.

TypeCoach has been designed by people who have been training on personality type for decades.

Many thousands of people have been through their programme and it works really well. I am delighted to partner with them to provide a multi-dimensional training experience.

TypeCoach has four key elements:


Verifier Plus

The Verifier Plus is an interactive video-based experience which leads participants through the process of discovering and verifying their “best-fit” type. It also provides a highly practical eight-page report. This self-assessment is a very transparent process. It is an exploration of personality lead by the user.

All decisions on type preferences are made with full awareness. A questionnaire format can be disconcerting when conclusions are drawn from unexplained manipulation of data.

Reports for sales executives or educators are optional at no extra cost.


Online Videos

On-line coaching videos for each of the 16 Personality Types covering the top five ways to maximise your career potential given your Type. The coaching video selections for each of the 16 Types can be viewed as often as required. They offer valuable insights that are usually only available in one-on-one executive coaching.



Type-to-Type is the best feature of the whole suite of resources available through TypeCoach and the reason it has so much take-up. As team members complete the Verifier they can opt for their Type to be viewed on the Type-to-Type table. The Type preferences of the whole team can be viewed at a glance and can be divided into groups in whichever way you choose.

In addition it offers ‘top ten tips’ on how best to work with people with different type combinations. Above all this is a communication tool. It has been designed for people within a team to use ‘Type-to-Type’ as a starting point for discussion. It does not assume that all information is relevant to each individual. This can only be verified by each person. It does give every team member an opportunity to be very clear about what works best for them.


Live Training or On-line Course

Sue can provide live training sessions which are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. In addition to this there is an on-line version featuring the founders of TypeCoach presenting a course to a live UK audience. Course materials are down-loadable.

Please note, it has never been the intention that TypeCoach is used without any live training and/or coaching sessions. Training on personality type is unlike skills based training as it needs to be sensitively managed. It is very important that people feel that they are correctly represented. Training and coaching allows any misinterpretations to be corrected.


For password access to a free TypeCoach demonstration

please contact Sue.

Companies who have already benefitted from using TypeCoach.