My colleague Nicky Gumbrell and I are delighted to bring the powerful message of personality type to groups of young people. This has been in the corporate domain for many years but it serves youth so well and it is so rewarding to see the effect it has. Their ability to take this knowledge on board is outstanding and astounding. We welcome all opportunities to work with youth groups, peer support leaders or any organisations which have a focus on helping teens.

“The Type for Teens Leadership course is a refreshing and open minded approach to personality types. Students are encouraged to step out of their perceived personality box and into a world of preference where appreciation and understanding forms the foundation to positive relationships. Having worked with our prefects in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Nicky and Sue’s presentation has become a definite highlight on the prefect calendar. They are fun, dynamic and able to facilitate meaningful change in the way our leaders communicate and collaborate.”

Thea Kilian, Deputy Principal at Long Bay College, Auckland.

What theTeenagers Say

Overall a fantastic workshop that was both inspiring and interesting.

Really good – presenters provided a comfortable environment reinforcing how it’s good to be you.

It was great – gave me real insight for my life and future.

Thank you so much for your input into our leadership camp. I found it very interesting and inspiring and it has made me aware of the leadership styles of myself and others.

An amazing and inspirational course. I’m going to be looking at people differently now.

This will definitely help me improve my leadership skills by understanding how people think and reasons behind their actions.

“I feel the information today portrayed me fully.

Why teach young people about personality type?


  • At this age and stage in particular they are on a quest to understand themselves and the people around them.
  • If we can give them the knowledge that they are OK to be the way they are we are giving them a gift to last a lifetime.
  • They too often believe that leadership has one flavour. They need to know that good leaders must be flexible to serve their followers in a way that meets individual needs. Anyone can be a good leader!

“It is not harmony if we are all singing the same note!!!”

The Personality Dynamics Youth Leadership Workshop

  • Is practical and relevant
  • Guides future choices
  • Helps everyone understand and appreciate one another
  • Encourages service leadership  …and it’s fun!!!

Understanding Personality Type makes the world of difference!!!

To read an article about these workshops please see ‘Type Works for Teens’ under the articles section of this web site.

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