Whangaparaoa College recently ran a leadership camp for Year 12 students who aged 16 and 17. One of the major parts of that camp was Myers Briggs personality type workshop which was run by Nicky Gumbrell and Sue Blair . Nicky and Sue spent a whole day with about 40 students. The intention for the students learning was that they would have an understanding of individual difference and how that would affect their ability to work with others.

Nicky and Sue produced an excellent programme which, even though it was demanding at times, held the learners attention for the whole day. They were both very knowledgeable about what they were presenting and the active approach they used was instrumental in the positive environment that ensued. The day was reinforced with concise and useful information which was well presented and was particularly suitable for the audience.

The students involved were overwhelming in their praise of the presentation and all admitted to a huge amount of learning in the day. I can highly recommend Nicky and Sue as excellent presenters who will produce an informative, challenging and educational programme.
Brian O’Connell – Principal
Whangaparaoa College

Evaluations from the students

Would you recommend the workshop to others?

Yes 41/41 100% No

General comments or observations from the Year 12 participants

Really enjoyed it. Found it very accurate with not only me, but friends also. Presented really well to ensure understanding.

Absolutely fabulous! I think it’s a really cool thing for any teenager to experience because this is a time of our lives when we, me anyway, feel unsure of ourselves and this cleared a lot up for me – thank you! Xoxoxoxox

The different activities to discover the different types were interesting and fun – somewhat confusing at first – but it’s meant to be that way so it’s fine.


The instructors were very helpful and very knowledgeable which made me feel confident about the type code that I chose. Very encouraging behaviour and very inspiring J

Good job. Easy to understand.

Very relevant information in terms of leadership skills and the suitable timing. My personality profile was mostly accurate.

FANTASTIC. LOVED IT. Has really helped me figure out myself and understand why others behave as they do.

Very interesting to learn about yourself more. Was a lot easier to understand when talking one to one.

Twas good. Think in the corner of the circle. (A ‘motto’ which came from the INTP group.)

Yeah, awesome.

That I’m perfectly categorised. (Please note: we do not ‘put people in boxes’!)

You learn something about yourself and others!

Very enjoyable and interesting to work with people the same as you that you wouldn’t expect to be the same

Very accurate, worthwhile, interesting, enjoyable and recommendable

Amazing presentation style. It was such a helpful and informative day. Thank you!

Incredible speakers, very much enjoyed listening to you both as I hold strong interest in the topic. Thanks!

I really enjoyed this workshop, thank you so much. Sue and Nicky, you have changed my perspective on life and made me realise the type of person I am.

It was crazy how accurate the ISFJ description was for me!

I really enjoyed it and people that do this workshop next time I know they will love it.

Great environment and individual help

Very well put together presentation, just the right amount of information and interaction!

Very good and helpful, will be useful to use

Absolutely brilliant presentation

Very interesting

  • Useful information
  • Fun/enjoyable
  • Eye opening

It’s helped me understand people 🙂

Life changing experience, such a great opportunity, thank you SO SO MUCH!

Very interesting! Good time to do this.

So lucky that I got to experience the presentation. Really wish some of my other friends could experience this.

Always great. (Teacher’s comment after attending for the 5th year running for the same school.)

Really good – presenters provided a comfortable environment reinforcing how its good to be you.

Well presented and confident.

Overall a fantastic workshop that was both inspiring and interesting.

Really great experience.

You related very well with the group.


It was awesome.

Thank you so much.

Very understanding

Fantastic job – really Awesome.

The presenters were very good! I liked getting the work books and sheet with the different types.

The creative ways were a good approach – well done, thanks.

You guys were amazing to listen to – I learnt a lot.

It was great – gave me real insight for my life and future.

Very informative, useful and relevant information.

Thank you so much for your input into our leadership camp. I found it very interesting and inspiring and has made me aware of the leadership styles of myself and others.

Excellent organisation. Not a single boring moment. Well worth the time.

An all round amazing and inspirational course. I’m going to be looking at people differently now.

Great, Great work. Really enjoyed it. Never boring. Always interesting. Thank you.

Extremely beneficial course to allow future leaders to have a strong base for future leadership. Awesome!

This will definitely help me improve my leadership skills by understanding how people think and reasons behind their actions.

Fantastic for teenagers. Thanks.

I feel the information today portrayed me fully.

Very awesome ideas, fun and very helpful.

Learnt heaps.

What the participants said in response to “What part of the workshop did you gain most from?”

Understanding why certain people don’t think the same way I do

Finding a fairly definite personality type that describes ME and having it compacted down into one little piece of paper

Discovering what all the different aspects of the personality test meant and what I was and what that meant

Understanding how INTP affects my life

The understanding of how the symbols affect my life, and how each thing represents my personality

The most value I took from this workshop was understanding the way my brain and attitude works. My personality code will also help me for future goals and aspirations in life.

Understanding my type so I find out what works for me

When we found out our personality feature, especially with the people surrounding you, why they are the way you are.

Understanding that we’re not defined by each letter, but it’s what we resort to when we are feeling comfortable in the environment.

When I talked one to one with Sue. It enabled me to get more of an understanding of what my personality code is.

Connecting with other people of the same personality type.

The difference between Sensing and Intuition. (One of the preference scales which refers to what information we are most attracted to.)

Personality profile piece of paper with all the info about me.

Understanding what type of personality I really have.

Learning what kind of person I am and who I can relate to.

Learning about the different characteristics and people behave/think differently.

Learning how others feel about my ‘type’ and allowing them to find out how I feel

Learning that other people share the same personality as me.

Learning that although you may have a ‘first’ preference, you can have a ‘then’. The sessions determining either E or I.

Finding out about myself and why some of my relationships are that way. Finding out what/how my mind works was great!

The entire personality testing process was very eye-opening for me.

The explanation of all the different types of personalities.

Finding out my personality type and how accurate it is to me.

The lot but also once I found that I was an ESTP and all the info I received was 100% true!!

Finding out who was most like and unlike me.

Being placed with others of the same personality type and seeing that others think the same as me.

Learning what my personality was like from the informational sheets.

All of it!

Finding out how different every individual is to one another and how we complement each other.

Learning the difference between E’s and I’s and how people think.

All of it really, the pin point accuracy of the personality type descriptions really wow-ed me and opened my eyes to a lot of things in life and those around me.

Knowing the difference between myself and my peers.

The end where we did the survival task.

Finding out my personality traits. The whole experience.

Finding out the people around me who are the same type as me and thinking the same way I do and not feeling alone with how my mind works.

Final ESTJ survivor session (teacher)

Communication styles (teacher)

Evaluation from another workshop for Penrose High School

In February of this year, I had the privilege of sitting in on a workshop run by Sue Blair of Personality Dynamics. The workshop was for the student leaders of Penrose High School, and was entitled “Leadership and Personality”.

To say that the workshop was a success would be a serious understatement. Sue instantly connected with the students (and staff present), and proceeded to lead an inspiring and informative afternoon.

She was thoroughly prepared and professional, and managed to connect with the teenagers in a way that saw the students taking on new ideas and working with them. As I write this two weeks after the event, the students are still talking about some of the learning from that workshop.

I warmly recommend Sue as an outstanding leader and facilitator – and she would be well received by youth as well as adults. The material she presents is life changing!
Paul Fransham
HOD Guidance
Penrose High School