Solving the Personality Puzzle

A one day workshop for careers advisers and guidance counsellors working with youth in schools or privately.

Solving The Personality PuzzleThis card sort resource creates a unique coaching environment to engage with students and facilitate a self-discovery process of their own personality type.

Learning outcomes from the workshop:

  • Gain an insight into Psychological Type (aka Myers Briggs or MBTI)
  • Experience the Type preferences for yourself
  • Gain confidence in using the card sort resource
  • Be given an e-guidebook that explains how to maximise your use of The Personality Puzzle
  • Enjoy an interactive and engaging workshop that increases your professional skills

For careers advisers: Using the cards also leads to valuable discussions on potential career direction using the careers cards which are part of the resource. Please bear in mind that we are not matching specific careers with particular personality types, as people of any type can do most careers. However, we are linking personality preferences with key skills. The opportunity to put these skills into practice is essential for career satisfaction.

The Personality Puzzle – Type for Teens is the only resource of its kind which has been written specifically with teens in mind. It uses the Myers-Briggs® model, which is used by millions of people worldwide. It is not essential to use a questionnaire as these can be expensive and may not achieve the desired result. The conversations that emerge through this process of self-discovery are eye-opening and rewarding on so many levels. No previous experience using this model is required.

The Personality Puzzles are now used by hundreds of careers practitioners and counsellors around the world.

Please contact me if you would like a workshop in your area.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups in any location around the country can be accommodated. All that is required is a suitable venue and approximately 10 people. Costs vary depending on travel expenses and the number of participants, but fall in the region of $275 + gst per person. The host will receive one free place on the workshop if we get 10 registrations. Professional Development subsidies have been awarded at previous training events. Please contact your professional associations to pursue this avenue of financial support. 

For more details, please contact Sue.

Tel: 021 521992

IMPORTANT: You do not need to be a qualified Myers-Briggs® practitioner to attend. However, I hope this workshop will be the start of your learning in this valuable field.

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® Myers-Briggs is a registered trademark of the Myers-Briggs Foundation Trust