The Personality Puzzles

Sue is the author of four Myers-Briggs card sort resources used by coaches and counsellors around the world

Type at Work

Ideal for coaching adults in a business environment. Enables identification and exploration of personality type using an interactive and engaging approach. Creates opportunities to discuss communication and leadership styles, teams, change, challenges and careers.

Type for Teens

Ideal for coaching youth, students and people of all ages who want to increases self-awareness. Who am I? What am I good at? What may I need help with? Used in schools, colleges and in guidance and career counselling in a wide range of settings.

The Type Trilogy

Ideal for in-depth Type coaching. There are three card sets within this resource each shedding light on a different Type lens: Temperament – Why I do what I do? What are my key motivators? Interaction Styles – How I do what I do? What is observable behaviour? Cognitive Processes – What are my natural thinking styles?

The Learning Puzzle

Linking Personality and Learning. How can we help all learners to thrive by understanding personality differences? Ideal for both learners and educators to enable intentional change and pursue optimal learning environments.

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