For qualified Myers-Briggs® practitioners

If you are an individual or small group who:

  • Are qualified and need a refresher to update your skills
  • Would like to develop your knowledge and skills using:

The Personality Puzzles resources

Type Dynamics


Interaction Styles

Training can be done in person or on-line via Skype or FaceTime.

My qualifications to offer this service are:

  • 15 years experience using the Myers-Briggs® model in businesses, schools and youth development
  • Author of the Personality Puzzles coaching cards currently used by hundreds of practitioners worldwide
  • Experienced international speaker for the Association for Psychological Type in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe
  • A corporate background in management, sales and training and development
  • Qualified adult educator
  • A continued interest in helping others use Type well in whatever environment they find themselves

Please see  for more information on The Personality Puzzle Coaching Cards