Sue has presented at the DISTRICT 9920 Rotary Young Leaders Awards for a number of years. She does a fantastic job with our 120 participants in getting them to understand their own personality profiles. This group of 20-28 year old, young adults are extremely demanding and questioning and at the end of the session Sue has them all as advocates for the personality profiling she presents. Rotary District 9920 have been very fortunate to have the benefit of Sue’s input and we are extremely grateful. We look forward to continuing the relationship.

Peter Ross Chairman District 9920 RYLA


Sue’s professional and warm approach creates a great atmosphere for learning. I look forward to our time together because not only will I be receiving great input and be encouraged in who I am, but will be having fun while doing so. Our team has been strengthened significantly under the input and insight which Sue provides.

Sue gives really practical and helpful coaching, and often uses examples from her own life to demonstrate the applications of type to different situations. Sue is very professional, an absolute expert in what she does, but also extremely engaging. In the sessions we’ve had with Sue, I’ve learnt so much about who I am, and who my colleagues are, and we’ve had fun and come closer together as a team because of it.

TypeCoach has helped me pinpoint potential sticking points in my communication with others and has equipped me to be ahead of the game so to speak when approaching these situations. This is a tool everyone should be taking advantage of as they seek to operate effectively in teams.

My team are almost completely opposite type to me. TypeCoach perfectly mapped out existing areas of poor communication, and provided a great reference point for tackling some of the biggest issues that we faced.

When I watched the type-to-type videos on different Myers-Briggs types within the team I lead, I could not believe how accurate they were! There were some real lightbulb moments. I believe applying these learnings has made me a much more effective interpersonal leader and manager. I can relate to my team members in a much more relevant way.

Ben Mai – CAP NZ

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sue after my CEO put me through a leadership and coaching course. Sue worked with me to identify my strengths and weaknesses under the Myers-Briggs personality types and those of my CEO and my team members. It was very enlightening and as a middle manager, this has helped me to get the best out of my team and to communicate more effectively up and down the line. I highly recommend Sue to any organisation or individual who is looking to improve.

Advertising Executive, Auckland

Sue Blair recently presented a Personality Dynamics workshop for me, as a fun, easy-to-understand introduction to Myers-Briggs type preferences . Sue’s workshop gave me and my new team some very valuable insights into each other, so that we can work together effectively in the future. Sue is an accomplished and professional presenter – warm and entertaining, and very knowledgeable on this topic. I thoroughly recommend her.”
Grant Furley – IS Engagement

Brainwave Trust’s core business is presenting programmes about the critical importance of experiences in the first three years of life. We pride ourselves on having some of the best presenters in the country. At a recent conference all 30 presenters were brought together and at one point were treated to a presentation by Sue on personality dynamics; extraversion and introversion. Not only did Sue teach us valuable new information (about ourselves and others!) but her engaging presentation style entertained and captivated us all. We all came away richer for the experience.”

Kim van Duiven, Executive Director, Brainwave Trust Aotearoa.

Many thanks Sue for attending our 2015 Personal Assistants’ Conference in Queenstown and your fabulous session where you skilfully presented “Perfecting Connecting”. The morning was a hit and such a great start for our event.Thank you also for sharing some of your power point slides for distribution to delegates. I am sure that they will be appreciated by all and perhaps motivate some reflective time in their busy lives.

Kind regards

Ros Robson, Executive Manager, SPANZ (Secondary Principals Association NZ)

We have engaged professional learning and development with Sue Blair on numerous occasions. This has included different aspects of personality types, team work, conflict resolution, working under stress and the last being TypeCoach online.

As a team this has enabled us to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of each other, our unique personalities and how we might see the world or more importantly how we function individually and as a team.

The knowledge and information has had an impact to inform and understand personality types when meeting each other for appraisals, sharing at staff meetings or having open, courageous conversations.

We have found Sue’s presentations to be easy to understand and follow and very informative and helpful to build more effective team relationships.

Debbie – Pre-school Principal

We found your Perfecting Connecting workshop thoroughly enjoyable and so helpful to understand ourselves and one another. I’m excited to see how this will help us work together as a team more cohesively. I would not hesitate to recommend your workshop to any business or organisation who wants their team to function at their very best.

Aimee Mai, CEO, CAP (Christians Against Poverty)