This workshop explores three additional perspectives, or lenses, of psychological type; Temperament, Interaction Styles and Jungian Cognitive Processes.

Knowing the eight preference model, popularised by Isabel Myers with the MBTI, is an excellent place to start. However, there is so much more to know. Becoming fluent with these additional aspects of type allows you to extend your coaching and presenting skills to bring type alive and help people quickly realise how these theories can complement each other and be put into practice in everyday lives. This is a multi-faceted approach which works well and delivers complex psychology in a simple yet effective way.

The workshop uses The Type Trilogy card sort resource and a 120 page e-guidebook – these have been co-authored by myself and Susan Nash. I combine language and image to bring the subject to life which enables us to engage with our clients in a new way and with accelerated understanding. Clients who are confused about their type preferences can be offered another way of looking at themselves which frequently takes them from uncertainty to certainty in a brief period of time. The cards provide an ideal opportunity for conversations to emerge that bring clarity and promote enhanced self-awareness.

The workshop is interactive, engaging and enjoyable. We will look at ways to use The Type Trilogy cards with clients to find best fit type effectively and also reflect on our own coaching styles to see how these preferences effect the way we work.

This is an advanced workshop for people who already work with type in a coaching or guidance role.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop in your area.

Many thanks.