Sue Blair Personality CoachSue Blair is the director of Personality Dynamics Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a speaker, author and coach, specialising in personality-based professional development. She works with managers and teams across diverse industries to improve motivation, communication and performance. She also works with educators and parents, helping them to understand and interact with the young people in their care.


Her premise is that managers at all levels need to know themselves, know how they come across to others and know how to adapt contextually to improve outcomes. Team members need to understand each other to collaborate effectively as colleagues.


Sue achieves results through focused personality-based coaching and personal development training. Sue’s coaching style makes complex psychology simple and easy to implement. It is supported by TypeCoach, an on-line learning platform with proven effectiveness. Her work ideally suits anyone who wants to be a better manager by understanding personalities and how they affect the workplace, and any team that wants to thrive.


Sue is also author of The Personality Puzzles. These card sort resources are now used by Myers-Briggs® practitioners worldwide who are typically in a wide variety of coaching, counselling and teaching professions. She has been specialising in training, facilitating and writing on psychological type for 20 years. She is a qualified MBTI® practitioner and adult educator.


As a presenter she has run hundreds of workshops, spoken to thousands managers, employees, educators, teachers, students and parents. She is constantly rewarded by their reaction to the insights that are gained through the application of Type knowledge in the workplace, classrooms and homes.

She has a deep interest in exploring how information on psychological type can be delivered in simple yet effective ways which honour the integrity and complexity of the Myers-Briggs model whilst making it understandable and valuable to those who are hearing about it for the first time.

Your personality is your permanent companion, so it’s a good idea to spend time getting to know more about it. The rewards of this effort are remarkable. Only then are you able to appreciate the differences in others.

Sue is an experienced speaker having presented at conferences in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Award winner

Sue Blair Certified Learning FacilitatorSue is the recipient of the APTi 2015 Gordon Lawrence Award. This award recognises an outstanding achievement to the field of education that promotes the constructive use of psychological type.

Sue Blair is recognised as a Certified Learning Facilitator (CLF) in recognition for being a professional facilitator, successful application of learning and development initiatives, current knowledge and skill levels, and commitment to the learning industry and ongoing professional development.

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