Perfecting Connecting – PD workshops for teachers

Teachers at workshopThe Type for Teachers workshops are all about building better relationships because, at the end of the day, everything is relational!

Understanding your own personality preferences enhances self-awareness and gives you the knowledge you need to adjust your communication style when the need arises, whether that be with students, colleagues or parents. There are a range of workshops that can be tailored to your needs.

Ideal for teacher only days or after school PD sessions.

Workshops to learn, laugh and leave enlightened!

Quotes from the teachers

“Thanks for a wonderful teachers only day presentation on Friday. It was definitely the most valuable teachers only day I have been to, and was perfect timing!

I have come across  Myers Briggs before but had never fully understood the fact that it was preference that was the key; and just how the characteristics of these types impacted on our relating to other types. You explained it all so brilliantly, and suddenly everything fell into place!

It was a very powerful experience for me, both personally and professionally. I have known the importance of fun and freedom to me and yet in my relationships with family and my work these are the elements that have often been missing!

What you have given us all is a gift. This should be a major part of any school curriculum! What a different world we would live in if people understood each other!!”

I feel like this workshop has opened the doors to more wonderful, meaningful interactions, relationships and understanding within our staff.  It’s as if a huge door has been opened.  A lot of the personality stuff talked about quietly can now be discussed more openly and with a lot more acceptance.  Such fantastic timing in terms of our school.

Interactive – moving around activities was good to break up thinking as quite intense information.  Loved it – you were fantastic Sue and Nicky – can’t wait to use this at home and school.

A fun and informative workshop that kept me involved and awake, even after a long day teaching!

Really great to do the Personality Puzzle first instead of waiting and being able to change your mind if necessary.  Well-structured and interesting to find information about yourself and others! Thanks heaps.

Great self-awareness of how we interact and are perceived by others.  Empowering and making us more aware of others perceptions of our actions.  Great workshop.  Important for teachers in our profession in teaching ALL children.

Very timely for us as a staff dealing with our difficult/busy 3rd term.

For me personally, today – your course – gave me the courage to stand up and speak in front of a group.  I always imagined that I was the only “introvert” in the school!  It has given me a huge amount of confidence to go forward and know that it’s “OK” to be an introvert.  Your course I’m sure will help a lot more people with my type.  Thank you so much.

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